C++ Programming Style and Guidelines

C++ Programming Style and Guidelines

Postby Cuchulainn » Thu May 10, 2007 11:28 am

Writing code in a consistent manner promotes readability and maintainability.

Here is what Ericsson, an early adopter of C++ (1992) has to say about programming style:

[L=Style Guide]http://www.cacs.louisiana.edu/~mgr/404/burks/language/cpp/cppstyle/ellhome.htm[/L]

These guys seem to think it is necessary, but this is a team of maybe 500-1000 developers.

Do we need this approach for teams of

1 person?

3 persons?

10 persons?

100 persons?

What happens when someone gives me C++ code that I must maintain?

Here's the guidelines on memory allocation/deallocation:

[L=memory management]http://www.cacs.louisiana.edu/~mgr/404/burks/language/cpp/cppstyle/ell16.htm[/L]
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