XML writer compiler error

XML writer compiler error

Postby nuclph » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:53 pm

Hello All,

For Chapter 27: When compiling code for testing XML write and read capabilities:

\xmlwriter.cpp(123) : error C2039: 'accept' : is not a member of 'SimplePropertySet<N,V>'

As I see, SimplePropertySet.hpp does not has function accept but

in the code for XMLWriter.cpp


template <class N, class V>

void XMLWriter<N,V>::visit(SimplePropertySet<N, V>& pset)





Also, in Entiry.hpp we make forward declaration

template <class Name, class Value>

class EntityThingVisitor; // Forward reference

but we do not have EmtityThingVisitor class, at least not in book CD,

so I changed it to

template <class Name, class Value>

class EntityVisitor; // Forward reference

since we have file EntityVisitor.hpp with EntityVisitor class which looks like:

template <class N, class V> class EntityVisitor



// Visit functions.

virtual void visit(Property<N, V>& property) = 0;

virtual void visit(SimplePropertySet<N, V>& pset) = 0;

virtual void visit(Entity<N,V>& entity) = 0;


Thank you in advance,

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Postby Cuchulainn » Thu Nov 20, 2008 4:43 pm

you need to use pset.hpp, cpp in XMLBasicCode directory.

And a new version of MSXML driver (version 6?)

template <class N, class V> class SimplePropertySet



N nam; // The name of the set

// The SimplePropertySet list using the STL list

list<Property<N,V> > sl;


// User can use the STL iterator

typedef list<Property<N,V> >::iterator iterator;

typedef list<Property<N,V> >::const_iterator const_iterator;

// Constructors and destructor

SimplePropertySet(); // Default constructor

SimplePropertySet(const N& name); // Named property set

SimplePropertySet(const SimplePropertySet<N,V>& source); // Copy constructor

virtual ~SimplePropertySet(); // Destructor

// Iterator functions

iterator Begin(); // Return iterator at begin of composite

const_iterator Begin() const;// Return const iterator at begin of composite

iterator End(); // Return iterator after end of composite

const_iterator End() const; // Return const iterator after end of composite

// Selectors

int Count() const; // The number of properties in the list

N operator ()() const; // The name of the property set

bool hasPropery(const N& search_name) const; // Is the property in the list?

// Modifiers

void operator () (const N& name); // Change the name of the property set

Property<N,V> value(const N& name) const; // Get the Property based on a name

// Add and remove functions (sort of mixin or embedded inheritance)

void add(const Property<N,V>& p);

void add(const SimplePropertySet<N,V>& p);

void remove(const N& value); // Remove all elements with 'value' O(N)

// Operators

SimplePropertySet<N,V>& operator = (const SimplePropertySet<N,V>& source);

// Visitor

void accept (EntityVisitor<N,V>& vis);

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